Seasonal Trailers

To capture the inspiration and drama of each season's EFM collection, twice a year I set up and directed a day long shoot to build a little excitement for the upcoming product release.

These "trailers" were on location and required scouting, editing, and composition of original music.

Men in Motion

The Men in Motion marketing campaign was extremely well received, and it's one of the things I'm most proud of creating, directing, and writing copy for.

Each profile follows an actual EFM consumer and looks at the different ways they use the brand within their lifestyles and interesting careers. 

Product Videos

There's no better way to experience EFM than in motion. Each season I directed and produced short design detail, fabric, and functionality videos to help consumers and retailers better understand the product. 

Runway Shows

Runway shows involve a lot of moving parts, and even when the sets are minimal the project management can be intense. EFM showed at New York Fashion Week for four years, and I produced and helped conceptualize each of those events.

Working with casting directors, stylists, callers, hair and makeup, venue managers, insurance, video, stage direction, lighting, sound, DJs, live bands, PR, guest lists, photographers, press - I was always proud that our shows went off flawlessly, proving that all the hard work in preparation shows in the final product.

Style Guide Videos

The Style Guide videos were inspired by the fact that a lot of consumers are attracted to quality products, but don't always know how to blend them in to their current wardrobes.

This highly successful series was picked up by Saks Fifth Ave for their marketing channels. I directed the shoots, wrote the copy, and provided the voiceovers.