Prints and Patterns

Over the course of my career I have designed many, many prints for apparel, soft goods and home goods. It's a more painterly process that brings me back to my early days as an artist. Right after I graduated from RISD I was working on a series of large scale paintings that consisted of ordered, symmetrical patterns, and at that time I put a lot of effort into studying tessellation, islamic architectural decoration, oriental carpets, and wallpapers. As it turns out, having an understanding of the mathematics behind pattern repeat is pretty handy when working with the parameters of industrial presses and different printing techniques.

Though I no longer sketch with gouache at my kitchen table, it's still fun to create prints and patterns from scratch, and rewarding to see them out in the world! I think the prints I choose to create share the sensibility I put into other types of graphic work... I prefer clean lines and graphic contrast. There are designers I admire that produce lush, deeply layered pieces, but to be honest a Victorian wallpaper gets me every time.