Posters and Packaging

I work on lots of posters and packaging visuals, from concert promotions to non-profit initiatives, independent films to portraits of buildings and locations. I like doing the jazz posters because they are high visibility and give me an opportunity to play with type. The photos I receive are usually full color and need some treatment to make them work with the overall concept.

"To Paint the Portrait of a Bird" was something I worked on in collaboration with designer Colin Strohm, for posters at Cannes as well as DVD and promotional packaging. The film did really well for its size.

The "Remember to Recycle" program was part of a (now defunct) initiative in Downtown Brooklyn to engage with a rapidly growing population of residents. The idea was to create a poster that was visually compelling enough for people to keep, and pair that with a series of subway promotions that were hung from the overhead bars during morning and evening rush hours to grow awareness.

I also create portraits of buildings and places in an assembled, sort of cubist format wherever I happen to live. I expanded the concept of the building portrait with a visual project and website called "32 Avenue of the Americas," for which I took a photo of the former AT&T Building in lower Manhattan at exactly 7:00 a.m. every day for a year to watch how the weather affected the colors within the frame.