EFM Engineered For Motion

EFM - Engineered For Motion, is an emerging menswear brand founded in 2014 in New York. The collections are designed to meet at the intersection of active and elegant, offering a counterpoint to the ubiquitous "athleisure" movement by focusing on tailoring, thoughtful design details, and advanced fabric and manufacturing techniques. I was lucky enough to join the team in its early stages, and have had the chance to experience almost all aspects of the business. 

For me, EFM is the project in my portfolio that probably best captures the breadth of my design, production, marketing and management skills. I have worked in capacities as varied as consultant, Digital Director, interim General Manager, and Creative Director as the business has grown.

On the creative side, I am responsible for marketing campaigns, web development, video and photo production, social media, runway show production, hardware and fixture development, point of purchase materials, copywriting, graphics, brand standards, labels and tags.

On the business side I manage a large A&P budget, Press and PR agencies, internal marketing staff, corporate reporting to the parent company in Hong Kong, a variety of other logistical and financial duties, and contribute to the business strategy and long term development of the brand.

For me, it's been an interesting and rewarding confluence of my background and design skills with the higher level management goals and responsibilities that come with experience.

Much of what I do at EFM can be seen on the brand's website, efmmenswear.com. I design and manage the layout, e-commerce shop, copywriting, and video sections. Since I take care of all back-end work and analytics, it's easy to see what's working and where we can improve. I'm particularly pleased with a series of short product videos that I began writing and directing in 2016, as well as our ongoing Men in Motion marketing campaign. For more content, head over to the video page.