Untitled Book Project

In my free time, I'm working on a long form book of images and text, roughly inspired by the chapter structure of the Homer's Odyssey (and James Joyce's Ulysses) that I conceived while living in Dublin and Berlin. The original concept was to create 18 chapters of 18 plates each, (324 images total) with each chapter having its own writing style and visual idiom.

Over time the work has changed forms. It briefly contained a video element, and then I began to develop it as an interactive website. Now it's back to a book again.... I think I will save the cinematic elements for another project. I'm not entirely sure where it's all going to end up, but as a design process it has been fulfilling, and I think a cohesive style is beginning to develop. It's a great vehicle to play with different creative ideas away from the project briefs and deadlines that occupy my work day.

Although the images and ilustrations are in a roughly 9x12 aspect ratio, I've been experimenting by displaying sections of them on Instagram. The grid format has helped me re-evaluate the way the images work together by color and style, and it's also interesting to see them scaled for a mobile screen. Who knows, maybe the project willl eventually have a mobile component.